Australian Reenactors Association

All our members are Registered with the ARA

Our Sister Roman Group In Victoria


What are we and what do we do?

We are a group of Ancient Roman reenactors whom attempt to portray life as the Ancient Romans might have lived 2000 or so years ago. 

We do this because we enjoy history, particularly the Ancient Roman periods of 50 BC to 350 AD.

We also welcome members whom wish to portray not just Roman, but also the Enemies and the Allies of the Ancient Romans as well! this means you can choose to be any number of cultures or classes of your choosing within this time period!

that could be from a Germanic enemy to a Gaulish Auxillary!

We also do this in an effort to help others understand the Roman period better and to help educate.

We also engage in historical combat and tactics of the time in an attempt to bring to life the excitement of the time.

Looking for a unique hobby?


Have an interest in Ancient history?


interested in experiencing, learning or even teaching new skills?


Ever wondered how you would look and feel looking like the warriors of ancient times?



Ancient Roman

Historical Reenactment!


A hobby and sport with an edge!


 Rome needs YOU!

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