Positions Vacant and filled

A number of positions remain unfulfilled within our group.

Although all members are expected to join Initially as Romans, we do encourage members to increase their portrayal repertoire to extend beyond just Roman.


That said Following are the positions within our Legio that require filling.

Positions are filled via Promotion based upon leadership skills, contributions to the Group and its members and skills aquired.

Legionarivs    -   Positions always vacant!

Aquilafer   -   Position vacant

Draconarivs   -   Position vacant

Primvs Pilvs  -   Position vacant

Optio   -   Position vacant

Slaves   -   Multiple Positions vacant

Gladiators   -   Multiple Positions vacant

Femina  - Various positions always available

Domina  - Various positions Always available

Positions Fulfilled

Legatvs Legionis  -  Fulfilled

Centvrio   -   Position Tentatively Fullfilled

Vexilifer -  Fulfilled

Tessararivs -  Fulfilled

Lictor -  Fulfilled

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